Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding splits out lathe rebuilding on the web


Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding News

Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding published a new web site dedicated to lathe rebuilding, retrofitting and repairing. The site includes completed lathe rebuilding projects. There is a rebuilt Hardinge Tool Room lathe on index and a link to a Monarch Tool Room lathe. Monarch 10EE lathes are the most precise and nicest looking lathe weve remanufactured to date. The lathe that Cavco Machine tool rebuilding, rebuilds the most is the Hardinge Tool Room lathe. It is followed by Leblond lathes and Monarch Tool Room lathes.

The three lathes can be looked at this way

A Harding HLV is a precise but lite duty machine and the Leblond Toolmaker is a workhorse but not as precise. A Monarch EE is both a precise machine and a workhorse.