Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding Receives Overseas Contract 2/19/06
Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding News

Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding announced it recently received a government contract to rebuild and retrofit three boring mills located in Cairo, Egypt. Cavco, a well known machinery rebuilder in the industry for more than 25 years, performs many of its projects on-site at customer’s facilities. The mills in this project consist of a San Rocco Mec 80, a San Rocco Mec 100 and Oerlikon. The contract is with the United States government, but one requirement is that the mills will be completely rebuilt and retrofit onsite, at a factory in Cairo, Egypt.

The mills will be retrofit with Siemens 840 D controls, purchased in the US. Cavco will build the controls in their facility in New Milford, CT along with electrical panels, hydraulic systems and chip removal systems. While rebuilding the machines in Cairo, Cavco will retrofit the head stocks with two speed transmissions to eliminate the worn out gearing and the need for external cooling systems in the San Rocco mills. The Oerlikon mill will receive a new counter balance system, designed by Cavco to replace the existing system which has been problematic since the machine was new.

James Cavorley, Cavco’s president, said Cavco will also use its portable way grinder to precision grind the machine’s bearing ways onsite. According to Cavorley, Cavco developed the portable way grinding technology and the portable way grinder as a cost effective alternative for precision grinding ways on machines that are too large or too expensive to efficiently disassemble and move. The portable way grinder is set up to straddle the bearing ways on the machine and travels on its own precision ways. The technology has been used for several years and has proven to save customers significant money and machine “down time.”

Cavco originally evaluated the machines in 2002, when personnel made a trip to Egypt to check out the mills and carry out a repair on another piece of machinery. The complete project will take about a year. Personnel will travel to Cairo for a series of three week trips. Some photos from the earlier trip to Cairo Egypt are linked below. They include the Pyramids of Giza, King Khufu's tomb, the sphinx and the world famous Cairo museum. PicturesTaken in Egypt